Questions to Ask Before Installing Automatic Sprinkler System


Are you planning to get an automatic sprinkler system installed at your home? If yes, then it is going to be really beneficial as your lawn maintenance is going to get less tedious. The automatic sprinkler system helps to keep your lawn beautiful, hydrated, and healthy. It also saves your time and money.

Remember, when you plan to install automatic sprinkler systems at home, a little research needs to be done. If you have never hired professionals to install a sprinkler system in the past, then you might not be aware of the questions that need to be asked. Don’t worry! To help you out, we are here with a few interrogations that you should make before finalizing a contract with the automatic sprinkler system installer.

What’s the warranty on the sprinkler system?

It is the most important question to ask. So, never forget to ask about the warranty on your sprinkler system by the manufacturer. The warranty will protect you if something goes wrong in the future. Inquire if the labor and materials are covered under warranty or not. Never go to unauthorized contractors as they can give you void warranties that are of no use.

Does the installer have the license to provide the services?

Always make this question to the sprinkler installer. Don’t work with an unlicensed company. The license confirms that the installer is authorized to provide services, and nothing will go wrong. It will ascertain that you are working with a professional only and thus can easily rely on them.

Sprinkler System

What kind of sensors will be installed in the system?

Nowadays, most sprinkler systems are smart as they come with rain sensors installed in them. They are quite useful as they reduce the wastage of water to a great extent. When it rains, sensors sense it and turn off the sprinkler system. They let the rainwater be used for watering the garden. When the rainwater dries, sensors again turn on the sprinklers. This way, an undesirable sprinkling of water diminishes. So, always interrogate about the sensors and opt for the automatic sprinkler system with sensors only.

What does the installation cost?

If you are going to invest in something, you must know all the costs involved in the installation. It will prevent you from future surprises, and you will be made sure that everything is within your budget. So, don’t forget to ask about the cost involved in the installation.

From how many years the installer is providing service in this field?

You will only love to work with someone who is experienced and holds good knowledge of field irrigation and sprinkler systems. They can provide you useful tips to maintain the vegetation and the sprinkler system. So, always work with a company with enough experience to provide the best services to you.

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