Have you ever noticed any discolored patch or stain on your attic? What is it that you do after seeing the same? Ignore it? Some people assume that mold in the attic is entirely typical, and there is no reason to worry. After all, it’s on the roof space; how much of a threat can it really be?

But little that they know that these patches and flakes can cause serious health problems or sometimes even death for that matter. It can lead to multiple health problems, some of which are: weakened immune system, allergic reaction, watery eyes, respiratory illness, mental perplexity, grief, depression, cerebrum harm, can also cause cramping, hurts, swelling, and joint pains are cancer-causing, and premature deliveries in pregnant ladies, etc.

These molds usually grow in a damp and moist environment. So if recently, you have found yourself or a family member with a running nose, cough, or sneezing. Then your house might have an attic mold. According to the Wisconsin Department of Public Health Services, approximately 10% of the population is allergic to mold. Most of them are never able to treat it because they are never able to identify a mold that can be a problem in the first place.


Therefore, don’t assume that you are safe. Remember that molds can travel through walls; mold spores can go anywhere from your living room, kitchen to the bedroom. One must make sure to look inside or behind the insulation as well as increases and corners. Consequently, the house owner should look for the source because, as they say, prevention is better than cure.

As one understands the source, one must also understand the different types of molds. Every kind of mold has a different consequence. However, there are two major kinds; one is pathogenic mold while the other one is mycotoxin mold. Even though the latter is rare but is not unheard of, it is equally dangerous and can sometimes result in death.

Hence, preventing such molds is of prime importance. The best and the easiest way to prevent it is by ensuring that your space is ventilated and free of moisture. Checking rooftops, especially where two roofs join at an angle, as it is highly susceptible. The sooner you get a repair done, the better. It is also recommended that routine investigations should be done. In addition to all this, if one finds an attic mold, it is essential not to touch it or remove it yourself. Any mold should only be treated and handled with care by a professional only.

So don’t waste more time; get a mold inspection done today!

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