Top 5 Industrial Applications of Artificial Intelligence


Most probably, you’re aware of Artificial Intelligence technology, which is the prime force behind several innovative applications. If you look around, you can easily identify numerous operations where Artificial Intelligence is used. And you might also be using AI in some form, such as Apple’s Siri or chatbots. The applications of AI are no longer limited to the digital domain. In fact, today, AI presents a unique opportunity for almost every business.

AI has been around since the 1950s, but it is only recently that the technology has begun to find real-world applications. And these days, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the business landscape by offering unmatched experiences for businesses and users. More and more industries are increasingly exploiting this technology to achieve greater automation, agility, and operational efficiency in business operations.

Applications of AI

According to a report by Gartner, it is expected that by 2020 around 30% of companies globally will use AI to optimize their process and reap higher revenues. AI is already helping industries such as entertainment, education, health, commerce, and transport to solve various operational issues and create personalized user experiences. The technology mimics human interaction and offers higher speed and reliability at a much lower cost. To better understand the uses of AI, let’s take a quick look at the most significant industrial applications of AI.

1. Manufacturing

Manufacturing is one of the first industries that starting exploring the uses of AI. Factories and manufacturing plants are using AI-enabled robots to assemble and pack different parts without any human intervention. Robots take instructions from humans and perform tasks right from assembling raw materials to shipping final products. AI algorithms also streamline the manufacturing supply chain process. The technology is used to identify the patterns of demand for products and predict market demand to keep track of inventory. Also, it helps in the maintenance of equipment by predicting malfunctions and possible breakdown of machines.

2. E-commerce

Nowadays, more and more people prefer online shopping. With the increasing trend of online shopping, websites started using artificial intelligence to offer personalized shopping experiences. The online retail stores recommend buyers’ stuff based on their past purchases or items they put in the search box. AI is leveraging e-commerce websites by identifying the interest and shopping pattpatternstheir target customers. The latest addition to improve customers’ experience is introducing chatbots in websites for seeking guidance or solving queries.


3. Finance and Banking

When dealing with financial data, AI can minimize human errors and make the process faster. The banks and financial institutions need to automate the process considering the increase in the number of financial accounts. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, data accumulation, analysis, and processing have become hassle-free these days. Also, robots are more efficient and quick than humans in analyzing market data, tracking consumer bases, and offering complete transaction security.

4. Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence has also become a vital part of the healthcare industry. Doctors and physicians are seeking the help of AI to diagnose patients and get assistance in the treatment procedures. AI applications in the healthcare industry are bringing down the cost by reducing the need for several machines and equipment. Some great AI applications can suggest treatments based on the patients’ medical history, and some can even deliver anesthesia to patients automatically.

5. Entertainment

The entertainment industry is one of the early adopters of AI technology. In fact, the use of Artificial Intelligence is quite popular in video game development. With the help of AI, developers are creating gaming apps where players can impersonate a real-world person. Also, music and movie apps use AI to recommend user’s songs and videos based on their choice and past viewing or listening pattern. If an app displays the ‘you may also be interested in the option, it means AI is being used to suggest the genre of your choice.

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