(Way late) morning hyperlinks: Court finds raid on cop critic blogger became unconstitutional


Courtroom regulations that sheriff’s raid to decide identification of vital blogger were unconstitutional. This is one of those rulings wherein you form of count on the Court to say, “Nicely of direction no longer.” Baltimore police made a mystery deal with a Texas billionaire to put in that aerial spying application. The atypical aspect, the billionaire in query, John Arnold, has a record of investment crook justice reform. The NYPD is now barring public access to the disciplinary records of cops.

Only a reminder: Jacksonville, Fla., district attorney Angela Corey is a lousy human being. Congress should save heaps of lives honestly by allowing bone marrow donors to be paid. It’s difficult to come up with a higher argument why the drug conflict is a futile and unfavorable waste of time and resources than this headline Atticus Blog. Texas man convicted on chew mark proof 28 years ago is in the end exonerated. His prosecutor: “I didn’t understand the faultiness of the technology at that time, and I really concept it was a righteous prosecution again in 1987.


I used to be some years out of regulation faculty, and that I did the fine I should. However, 29 years later, I do comprehend that he is absolutely innocent, and I’m sorry.” The problem is that to this day, no Courtroom has but upheld a task to chunk mark testimony. U.S. Appeals Courtroom: The truth that you’re from Colorado isn’t a reason for police to look your automobile for pills. For my analysis, see today’s first link.


The good news: an Ohio cop who threatened to kill his boss was fired. The awful information: He turned into directly employed via every other police department. Inspiring profile of a Nashville public defender who rebounded to get her law degree after serving 5 years in prison.

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