A way to down load Yosemite


In case you’re trying to install Mac OS X Yosemite, prepare yourself for a disappointing ride to the Mac App Shop – it’s now not there anymore. Trying to find OS X brings up handiest the modern-day version, Mac OS X El Capitan, which changed Yosemite in autumn 2015, and OS X Server. (El Cap will in flip be replaced by using macOS Sierra in autumn 2016, so could-be installers of El Capitan will begin arriving on this newsletter earlier than lengthy.)

Fortuitously, it’s still possible to download and set up Mac OS Yosemite for your Mac, even though it’s been removed from the store. We display how in this tutorial. In this newsletter, we explain A way to install older versions of Mac OS X, including Yosemite. If you’d like to recognize How to install the contemporary model (El Capitan) or How to install the beta model of the subsequent model (Sierra), each is blanketed in any other article: A way to replace your Mac.

How to download Yosemite: Why did Apple cast-off Yosemite from the Mac App Store?

When Apple releases a new edition of its working system, it tries to get as many human beings as feasible to upgrade to the ultra-modern version. This is infrequently a sinister intention: the newer version is commonly more comfy, green, and has newer capabilities, and Apple now not expenses customers to improve anyway. As part of this aim, Apple removes preceding Mac OS X versions from the Mac App Store.

How to download Yosemite: Reasons to install Yosemite

There are, on occasion, troubles growing old third-birthday celebration software program to run at today’s Mac OS; conversely, developers may also want a Yosemite-primarily based test machine to peer how their new software program works on older working systems. Possibly your process entails trying out an app on legacy variations of the working machine. Or perhaps you need to replace an older version of OS X, but you are not geared up to head all the manner to El Capitan because you wouldn’t have the drivers you want, or software you want to apply may not run on El Capitan.


In different phrases, there are legitimate Motives why you could need to get hold of a copy of Yosemite in your Mac.Web Posting Mart The good information is that it is pretty easy to pick out up a duplicate of OS X Yosemite from the Mac App Shop – as long as you’ve got previously ‘bought’ it. (it’s unfastened, so purchase might not seem the satisfactory phrase.

But If you’ve clicked the download button on the shop, that is the equal of buying; the software program may be saved in your purchase records even though no cash has modified hands.) Even as Apple gets rid of older running structures from the sale, they continue to be on the machine for all of us who have offered them earlier than. So, assuming you had downloaded it within the past, Yosemite should be there for you presently. You may additionally locate Mavericks, Mountain Lion, and Lion.


Here is How to get Mac OS X Yosemite from the App Keep If you’ve purchased it in the past.

Open the App Save (choose Save > Sign in If you need to log in).
Click purchased.
Scroll all the way down to locate OS X Yosemite.
Click install.

The installer application can be downloaded to your Applications folder (as a file called OS X Yosemite). You may not be able to set up Yosemite immediately on to a gadget going for walks El Capitan, however it may be used to upgrade a Mac running an in advance working gadget. In case, you want to revert OS X El Capitan to OS Yosemite, you may need to format the difficult force and set up Yosemite onto a clean force. See this newsletter for more information: The way to get rid of El Capitan and pass back to Yosemite | Revert to OS X 10.10 Yosemite from El Capitan

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