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A new Mac mini is predicted to launch in 2016, since the line wasn’t up to date at all in 2015; however Apple (as usual) is giving not anything away. Despite the fact that, based totally on experience and the specifications of modern-day Macs, we have been given an honest idea of what to expect from the new Mac mini, and while to count on it. we have got all the new Mac mini recommendations and rumours for you right here. Study on for the next Mac mini’s in all likelihood release date, specifications, layout modifications and new features.

We’ll update this article each time new records is unearthed, so test lower back frequently for the brand new Mac mini update rumours. And don’t forget to check our Mac shopping for manual for contemporary buying recommendation.

Now not the no-brainer it’d sound want to eager mini-heads: lots of in any other case tech-savvy people are not aware the Mac mini even exists. Certainly, occasionally it looks as if Apple itself is not privy to its presence. That would definitely give an explanation for the long gap earlier than the 2014 model was released.

The Mac mini is Apple’s smallest laptop Mac and additionally its most inexpensive Mac, at £399. It is a full-blown OS X computer that fits into a self-contained chassis no bigger than a hard and fast-pinnacle container. It’s an inexpensive residing-room Mac that lacks the strength of even a few MacBooks and comes and not using a keyboard, mouse or display, but one which works flawlessly as the centre of your virtual home – Not least as it comes with HDMI sockets, in order that plugging it into a contemporary Television is a doddle E-Live Net.

There was once a Mac mini with OS X Server to be had for £849 but Apple eliminated that choice from the road-up in October 2014.

Apple closing updated the Mac mini on sixteen October 2014 after a two-12 months wait: the preceding version came out on 23 October 2012. Mac mini fanatics are actually watching for the next generation of the smallest and most inexpensive Mac. We’re hopeful that it is able to pop out this year, and recent records points to an update in autumn 2016.

(Of direction, it isn’t that easy. Apple used to update the mini extra regularly; before 2012 there had been new fashions in 2009 (twice!), 2010 and 2011, and the greater constructive among Macworld’s body of workers had expected Apple to announce A brand new Mac mini within the autumn of 2015, possibly along the new iMac with 4K Retina show, or on the equal time as the El Capitan release. however, the ones opportunities have been and long gone.)
One famous concept for some times become that the new Mac mini would possibly make a look at WWDC 2016, which commenced on thirteen June 2016 – however within the event, Apple did not announce any new Macs in any respect. (Even though Mac fans can console themselves with all the news about the approaching macOS Sierra operating gadget, and what that means to your contemporary system. You may installation macOS Sierra in your Mac mini proper now, if It’s a 2010 version or later, however you may need a developer account.)

We are searching forward to the subsequent Mac mini replace, Not least due to the fact Apple has brought new Skylake Intel processors to its laptops and computers, leaving the Mac mini in the dirt. In truth, the following technology of Intel chips is due close to the stop of 2016 – they are called Kaby Lake – and It’s possible that the brand new Mac mini may want to characteristic processors from this batch. however We are getting ahead of ourselves. We’ll communicate about processors, and other specifications, in a later segment of this newsletter.

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New Mac mini 2016 rumours: Will Apple discontinue the Mac mini?

Apple, to paraphrase a colleague, is usually excellent at killing its darlings: at understanding when it makes feel to drop a miles-cherished product or product characteristic – one that is frequently still popular and/or worthwhile – and switch recognition to something else that has greater of a destiny. Assume the iPod traditional or the optical power. It’s why rumours that it’ll drop the headphone port from the iPhone 7, or switch its digital track commercial enterprise completely from downloads to streaming, appear so workable.


There are more than one candidate to be the subsequent iPod traditional. The MacBook Air is one. However, the Mac mini, which hasn’t been updated on account that 2014, is not often mentioned at activities, and feels surplus to necessities now that the Apple Television is making its claim as a media centre tool (Although for storing a big quantity of films the mini stays an super preference, providing 500GB as widespread and as much as 2TB as a configuration alternative), may be awaiting a P45 more than maximum of Apple’s product line-up.

The layout of the Mac mini hasn’t changed drastically since it become first released and is beginning to experience a touch dated, and the tool would not have a clear promoting factor (or at least, Apple isn’t always doing an excellent activity of communicating one). So it would not surprise us if Apple quietly retired the road at its subsequent Mac release occasion. It’s either that or provide it an intensive overhaul.

If Apple does kill off the mini, we might have to start asking questions on the ‘mini’ branding in standard, and wondering if the iPads are going to be reorganised: there’s already a feel that the ‘Air’ emblem is on the way out, throughout each MacBooks and iPads. however, That is a tale for every other day.

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