Sheriff’s Raid to Discover Blogger Who Criticized Him Changed into Unconstitutional, Court Policies


An appellate Court in Baton Rouge ruled Thursday that a raid on a police officer’s house in search of the blogger who had accused the sheriff of corruption Changed into unconstitutional. The Louisiana First Circuit Court of Appeals argued that Sheriff Jerry Larpenter’s research into the weblog ExposeDAT had a fallacious cause: the alleged defamation Become no longer clearly a criminal offense as carried out to a public legit.

The unanimous ruling from the 3-judge panel comes after police officer Wayne Anderson, and his wife Jennifer Anderson had been denied assistance in nearby and federal Court docket. “I love it whilst justice is tangible,” Jerri Smitko, one of the Andersons’ lawyers, instructed The Intercept. “With that piece of paper, it says that what they did Turn into unconstitutional — that’s a top-notch feeling because you’re retaining it to your hand and it’s vindication for humans that they meant to oppress,” she added.

The raid Turned sparked via the sheriff’s investigation into who Was at the back of the nameless blog that accused nearby officers, such as him, of corruption and fraud. Via a blog and a Fb web page called “John Turner,” ExposeDAT used public facts to expose conflicts of interest Add Crazy.

The sheriff sought warrants whilst Tony Alford, a local business owner, filed a criminal criticism approximately the blog. On August 2, Larpenter and his deputies raided the Andersons’ residence once they traced the IP deal with of the loo Turner Facebook web page Through a warrant to AT&T. The statistics AT&T provided, in step with an affidavit, gave the sheriff a deal with and a name: Wayne Anderson.

The Courtroom found that the raid at the Andersons’ residence Turned unjustified. “Anthony Alford, the intended sufferer, is president of the Terrebonne Parish Levee and Conservation Board of Louisiana, and a public respectable,” the selection read. “Therefore, the quest warrant lacks probable reason because the conduct complained of isn’t always a criminally actionable offense.”

The ruling stated that once implemented to public officials, like Alford, the crook defamation statute is unconstitutional. Smith said she now plans to visit the Terrebonne Parish Court docket and retrieve Anderson and his family’s electronic devices. “I certainly accept as true that my clients have been broken via this unconstitutional action,” Smith said. “They’ve been disadvantaged of their rights, and that I anticipate that we’ll be meeting shortly to talk about pursuing a claim for damages against the parties concerned.” The digital devices were being held for research that Turned into inside the palms of the Louisiana lawyer fashionable. Now, the case is closed.


“We appreciate the first Circuit decision, we have no plans to appeal, and as far as the legal professional popular is worried, the case is closed,” Ruth Wisher, press secretary for the attorney widespread, advised The Intercept. This week’s ruling comes after a tumultuous month of legal backward and forward. On August five, following the raid, a put up seemed on John Turner’s Fb page. “Rumors of my death have been substantially exaggerated,” he wrote, telling readers to “stay tuned.”

That equal day, choose Randall Bethancourt — the judge who signed the warrant — ruled that it Turned into within his jurisdiction to allow the hunt. However, Anderson’s lawyers disagreed with the ruling, to begin with, unsuccessful in looking for relief. Arguing that their First-, Fourth-, and 14th-Modification rights had been violated, Anderson and his wife sought intervention in federal court docket., asking for a transient restraining order towards Larpenter.


U.S. District chooses Jay Zainey to deny the request. “The decision could thoroughly have erred in concluding that probable purpose existed to trust that a criminal offense Became devoted. But except Larpenter lied to reap the warrant, a blunder of law isn’t always as a result of him,” Zainey wrote.

“I’m just very dismayed and in reality aghast that this passed off inside the first vicinity, and I am hopeful that our country appellate Court will find proper the wrong,” Smith told The Intercept after Zainey’s ruling. While there have not been any new weblog posts, the author has taken to Fb. On August 15, in a submit that his because been taken down, the pseudonymous John Turner wrote: “Why is Sheriff Larpenter so indignant about human beings exposing facts which are part of the public file?” He wrote a submit similar in nature to his previous articles, outlining business ties amongst Parish officers.

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