iOS or Android? Choosing the Best Platform For Your Mobile App


If you’re an aspiring mobile app entrepreneur, your first massive decision is which working gadget to expand your software for: Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android.

iOS or Android? Choosing the Best Platform For Your Mobile App

iOS or Android? Choosing the Best Platform For Your Mobile App

The two mixed own more than 90 percent market proportion inside the smartphone class, making them the preferred systems. But at the same time as most important brands like Yahoo and Twitter have released iOS apps first, Android is now dominating the smartphone race inside the U.S. with fifty-three percent marketplace proportion, as compared to 36 percentage for iOS, in line with comScore’s trendy document.The Know It Guy

So how do you make a decision which platforms to undertake to construct your cell app? Right here are 3 elements that will help you make the right selection to your app assignment:

revenues versus visibility

Android offers the maximum visibility based totally on absolute market proportion numbers, but in step with the state-of-the-art Distimo survey, seventy-three percentage of all app sales become generated in Apple’s App store as compared to handiest 23 percent for Google Play.

But while Apple’s day by day app sales revenue is almost five instances that of Google’s, selecting special sport plans for each platform will let you maximize your exposure. As an example, Whatsapp, one of the maximum famous messaging apps, is to be had free of charge for the primary 12 months on the Android platform to advantage big traction and is at $zero.99 on the iOS for monetization.

You want to craft a strategy that must strike a balance among visibility and revenues. In spite of everything, the more visibility you get, the greater your possibilities of monetization.

Take advantage of fragmentation

It’s far a recognized truth that developing for Android isn’t any clean assignment given the extra than 400 types of handsets that want to be planned for whilst programming. Apple has to this point been at the high quality aspect of the curve with only four one-of-a-kind forms of iPhones and iPads. However, with the creation of iOS 7, Apple is likewise going down the fragmentation direction, supplying one of a kind features for one of a kind handset.


So for example, if your solution integrates the trendy AirDrop feature of iOS7, it will not be to be had to people proudly owning iPhone 3GS, four, 4S, however only to iPhone 5 users. That is why it is important that allows you to create an answer that caters to a selected OS, specially in the case of Android phones wherein the segmentation of the OS is far greater amongst exclusive handsets.

Capabilities to be had within the modern-day OS of Android, that may run best on high-quit telephones together with the Galaxy S or the Nexus series, will not be to be had to those telephones at the decrease quit of the spectrum.

Information what capabilities are supported by the varieties of running structures your application intends to leverage might assist you target users with a sure range of handsets. As an instance, in case you want to use the voice reputation characteristic to just accept commands, you’ll need to leverage Android’s Jelly Bean operating system’s offline voice typing function.

Recognize patron usage

Going a step further into patron conduct or usage, figuring out which platform to broaden first ought to rely upon whether your customer is a heavy user of iTunes or Google services together with Maps, Gmail, Calendar or Google Now.

As an example, GTasks is a task control app that still works inside the Google account mode and integrates well with Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Now.

Another metric to don’t forget is the “popular app” categories on each of the systems. For iOS purchasers between the long time of 25 and 34, the most popular app class is sports, fitness and health, followed with the aid of song, media and amusement in addition to lifestyle and buying, consistent with a recent survey through Flurry. However, a number of the maximum famous Android classes are personalization, amusement and books and reference, based on a survey by way of AppBrain.

Get as many facts approximately your purchaser as viable to determine which platform is proper as a way to start with. Don’t get over excited with media reviews that want one operating gadget over the opposite. Cross in which your customers are.

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