What’s in blogger Aimee Tune’s Make-up Bag?


Getting your hair and Make-up just right for the best picture isn’t easy. However, social media megastar Aimee Tune makes it look like a cinch. We spoke with the blogger and Laura Mercier ambassador to get the inside track on her beauty recurring and the way to take a superior selfie.

You’re continually jet-setting around the world. What are your journey ought to-haves?

Lengthy flights make my skin so dehydrated, so I carry on a massive bag of splendor merchandise to assist me in staying moisturized. Once I board, I rub down 3-4 drops of Laura Mercier’s Infusion de Rose Nourishing Oil ($62; lauramercier.Com) and rub down it in with round motions to assist moisturize my skin.

I also like to use a Korean sheet mask from Peach & Lily ($26; peachandlily.Com) After I fly. I constantly convey lipstick with me so that I appear more polished after I am getting off the plane. I always have lipstick with me so that after I get off the aircraft, I look extra polished. Proper now, I genuinely love the Laura Mercier Velour Lovers Lip Coloration in Boudoir. As for garb, I put on a sweatshirt and Philip Lim pants, and cozy footwear!

Your hair usually seems right; what’s your styling secret?

I style my own hair normally. However, I get a fine haircut from my stylist, Ahn Co Tran. In case you look at my older haircuts, they have weighed me down. But because I went shorter, I’ve been getting a whole lot of compliments. I exploit a wand (Conair Infiniti You Curling Iron, $forty; cvs.Com) to add some waves. And that I attempt no longer to use quite a few products in my hair. Often, I’ll apply a little body lotion on my dry ends to feature shine and maintain Darbi.

Aimee Tune
What are your Make-up necessities?

I always use a lightweight tinted moisturizer ($44; lauramercier.Com) with SPF. I’m additionally passionate about filling brows in. I take advantage of the pencil duo ($25; lauramercier.Com); this is my absolute need. I’m so satisfied I discovered a highlighter (Laura Mercier Face Illuminator, $44; lauramercier.Com) —it may really make a large difference, especially in photographs. I like to apply it to the high points of my cheekbones and towards the outer corners of my face, the bottom of my chin, and the tip of my nose. I additionally want to pat a little on the cupid’s bow.


What has been your biggest beauty mistake?

I’d tell sixteen-year-old Aimee no longer to shave off her eyebrows. They take all time to develop returned!

Now, what are your pointers for taking the ideal selfie?

In terms of splendor, the maximum critical aspect is your attitude. You need to be assured. If you don’t sense confidence, you’re no longer going to like the photograph, irrespective of what number of pix you are taking. And then, lighting is the lot. If I take a selfie, I make certain that mild is in front of me. Then, take like 57 pix, and perhaps one might be ok. I really like VSCO to filter out as well as the pictured gear inside Instagram. I play with the contrast, sharpen and straighten equipment to best the photograph.

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