Barstool Sports blogger Kevin Clancy’s wife claims


One of Barstool Sports’ most distinguished employees allegedly

Barstool Sports blogger Kevin Clancy’s wife claims 1


cheated on his wife whilst she becomes pregnant.

Kevin Clancy recognized usually as KFC Barstool, was stuck sending messages to his “mistress” via his wife Caitlin Nugent Clancy.

She made the claims in a protracted Instagram post on her non-public web page in addition to on Kevin’s @kfcbarstool account. The publish has on the grounds that were deleted from her husband’s page.

“Last night after I positioned my 2-yr-old daughter and six-month-old son to the mattress, I caught my husband sending messages to his mistress who he’s apparently been seeing since I changed into eight months pregnant,” she wrote.

Kevin Clancy of Barstool Sports and his spouse, Caitlin Nugent Clancy, on their wedding day in 2014. (KEVIN CLANCY VIA TWITTER)
Caitlin, who has been married to the Barstool blogger considering that 2014, went directly to accuse him of seeing the mistress at once before and after she gave the start to their 2nd child.

“Days before I gave beginning, he became at a lodge in Manhattan along with her. Days when I gave birth, he turned into then, too. The rug’s been pulled out from beneath me,” she wrote.

“I never in my wildest goals suspected he become able to do this to me, my daughter and my son. The ‘kind, humorous, relatable family man’ I concept I married is without a doubt lower, more insecure and more disrespectful than I ever imagined.”


Kevin dropped that mistress “like a hot potato” and moved onto another one, his spouse claimed.

“I in no way requested for my life and own family to be so public, but considering that I recognize this is going to pop out anyway, I wanted to set the truth straight before the general public humiliation starts offevolved,” Caitlin delivered.

My wife and I are going via a difficult time, I’m deciding on to deal with it privately for the sake of my kids.

As a response to the bombshell Instagram put up, Kevin made a declaration to his almost 280,000 followers:

“My spouse and I are going via a hard time, I’m deciding on to deal with it privately for the sake of my youngsters.”

As a part of his blogging paintings with Barstool Sports, Kevin also podcasts on KFC Radio.

At the give up of the remaining summer season, he recorded an entire episode about “dating reparations.”

“How much money might you need your ex to pay you to make up for them cheating on you?” he tweeted ahead of the episode in July.

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy released a video assertion approximately the claims wherein he says KFC “comes across as a scumbag right here.”

“I didn’t need Barstool to be silent right here,” he said. “It sucks. I’ll say what all and sundry else might be thinking – KFC comes throughout as a scumbag here. But, once more, we don’t recognize anything. I’m sure he’ll cope with while he sees the time is proper… It’s a truly awful state of affairs that we wish didn’t occur.

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Barstool Sports blogger Kevin Clancy’s wife claims 2

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Barstool Sports blogger Kevin Clancy’s wife claims 3

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