Steem Blogger Raises Thousands of dollars To Fund Actual International Billboard Marketing campaign


The success records of Bitcoin may be attributed to its community that via endless efforts have pushed the adoption of the cryptocurrency to its cutting-edge nation, from a discussion board “nerd currency” to a globally ordinary and used price gadget.

Since cryptocurrencies belong to nobody and to everybody on the identical time, it’s miles the handiest normal that the community have to take it upon themselves to push the cryptocurrency to new stages, so that it will gain said user if she or he is a holder.

One unique member of the Steemit community is taking this concept to new ranges and has determined to use Steem as an “funding free” crowdfunding machine to be able to sell the Steemit platform itself. In Steemit, writers can earn cash for his or her posts, those rewards are distributed by means of and from the blockchain, Ricardo Gonçalves aka @Steemdrive has taken benefit of this gadget that allows you to ask for network votes that might fund a billboard Campaign that puts the Steemit name in the Real World Blog Express.

The primary Steemit put up, wherein the plan was specific is one of the top paid posts at the platform as it accumulated over $27,000, which became then break up and divided by way of the electorate and with the aid of the content author himself. The proceeds accrued from this post had been used to kickstart the Steemit billboard Campaign, and to purchase The primary electric billboards in South Africa.
Many Steemit lovers have determined to be part of this mission and to behave as ambassadors so one can make this a global Marketing campaign. When you consider that then, billboards are within the works for new Zealand, and Chicago, United statesA.


This network attempt will optimistically get new customers interested, now not only in Steemit but in cryptocurrencies in popular as Steem can be taken into consideration a “gateway” cryptocurrency. Ricardo Gonçalves informed The Merkle:

Billboards now not only are an inspiring initiative the network can stand in the back of; however additionally serve as ‘Real-International’ validation that the Steem blockchain is Actual and so are the Steem Greenbacks that it will pay out!