We need plates! Blogger takes intention at quirky food serving methods


You sit down for a pleasant meal out, location your order, and anticipate the minutes to slowly tick through until you could get caught into your tucker. Subsequently, the wait workforce set a dainty dish before you… Served on a cricket bat. Or a slapped on slicing board. Smeared on a roof tile. Rolled in on a skateboard. Even strung on a squash racquet. These are victual voyages charted with the aid of the Twitter feed @WeWantPlates, based by British food crusader Ross McGinnes after he had a gutful of what he calls “all this fashion-over-content material hipster nonsense” for unusually serving food.

“What the food tastes like has emerged as secondary – a few cooks are more concerned whether it’ll look exact, or quirky, on Instagram. Too much time is spent faffing round balancing six chips in a mini wheelbarrow,” Mr. McGinnes said. He wishes eating places and pubs to turn away from the hand’s race of one-upping each others’ serving improvements and go back to the usage of appropriate old school plates Alie Nation.

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“It’s not anything to do with being civilized; It’s easy practicality! Have you ever attempted pouring gravy on a cutting board, or chasing blueberries around a roof tile covered in icing sugar? It is infuriating. Slate is the worst – the sound of cutlery in opposition to the surface is comparable to nails down a blackboard.”

Mr. McGinnes stated the reaction to his culinary campaign has been out of the ordinary, with over 100,000 human beings following his Twitter feed and sending in their personal pics of worrying plating practices. “(I) changed into in London filming a piece for the BBC, and that I concept: “Blimey, different humans definitely care about this too!” It’s miles glaringly all achieved tongue-in-cheek. However, it has genuinely captured the public’s creativeness.


“I’ve come close to shutting it down a few times after I do not think things can get any worse or weirder. Then something stellar pops up, and stale, we move once more. “It is all cyclical. In ten years, there’ll be a ‘We need Forums’ organization on something Twitter’s been changed using posting pictures of white china plates.” Maybe, however, if you need to help bring the clink of cutlery on china again, then test out the WeWantPlates Twitter feed or the internet site.

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