Questions to Ask Before Enrolling in Photography Courses in India


India, a South Asian country, is known as a land of diversity. Various faiths, beliefs, and cultures call India home. From the desserts in Rajasthan to the snow-covered Kashmir, each state shares a unique story. Capturing such uniqueness in a lens is a photographer’s delight. The country is geographically and climatically diverse too. Forest, desserts, mountain ranges, landscapes all coexist on one land. Rain, hailstones, snow, and sunrays all fall on the same territory. Doesn’t this sound like a photographer’s paradise?

If you have a passion for photography and want to learn the ropes, you can enroll yourself in India’s photography courses and unleash the shutterbug in you. Childhood memories were rekindled when a wildlife photographer captured Bhageera on his lens. Saya, the Black Panther from Nagarhole National Park, was all over the internet.

The park is situated in the districts of Kodagu and Mysore. Another memorable event was the visit of the Golden Tiger from Kaziranga, Assam. What better place than India to learn and experience photography? You may have a few doubts and questions before enrolling in photography courses. Let’s pen down a few before making that phone call.Photography

What Does The Curriculum Cover?

Photography is now becoming a popular career choice in India. The art of photography can be expressed in different forms. It includes portraits, fashion, wildlife, still life, architecture, and many more. This allows a snapper to establish new skills while exploring the different segments. Learning various styles makes the lens holder equipped to click with flexibility. It is essential to introspect and discover what interests you and what would you like to learn? Having decided this, you must understand the curriculum offered by the photography school. The course should be in line with your interest areas.

What is the Course Duration?

Time is undoubtedly a precious resource. It waits for none and hence should be used prudently. Enquire about the course duration and the number of hours required daily. Get further clarity about the ratio of theory and practical lessons. A diploma is typically a short term course, and a bachelor’s course is longer in duration. Moreover, if you are a working candidate, you may enquire about the weekend batches. It is essential to ask the topics that would be covered under each course type. This helps in making the most optimum decision before enrolling in photography courses in India.

How much does the Course Cost?

The fee is a vital parameter for finalizing the course. Asking about the detailed fee break-up is essential. You can touch upon points like semester-wise fees or types of fees like admission, exam, study material, etc. You may want to compare the fee with your allocated budget. Enquiring from a couple of institutes helps in knowing the industry standard. The comparative analysis supports choosing a budget-friendly course.

What are the Eligibility Criteria?

A course is typically backed with an eligibility criterion. Fix a time slot with the school counselor and clear your doubts. An advanced course may require some photography experience, while a beginner’s course is for complete freshers. Get insights about the educational qualification needed. Also, discuss the DSLR, its features, and the lens that will be desirable. An eligibility criterion gives you direction for the preliminary preparation needed. Hence, it is important to get all your queries resolved around the admission requirements.

Which Software and Tools Will be Taught?

The right kind of editing software and gears complement the right click. It will help if you inquire about the software that you will learn. A detailed discussion to understand its features and acceptance would be useful. Exposure to the right gears is a preparation to get the perfect picture. Handling different gears teaches you various photography techniques.

Is There Assistance with Placements?

Knowing your passion and making a career out of it feels beautiful. Only a few can find their passion. An individual typically takes up a conventional career option after graduation. A corporate job may be a safer bet, but doing what you like can give boundary-less happiness and satisfaction. While enquiring with the photography institution, get an understanding of the type of placement assistance provided. Check for historical data like the percentage of successful placements, average pay packages, and hiring companies.

This gives a fair idea about the credibility of the course in the job market. Media, advertising, and the fashion industry have been growing. This growth is instrumental in creating many opportunities for photographers in India. Listing down the questions in one place ensures having a meaningful conversation with the course counselor. With a systematic approach, you may not go through multiple rounds of discussion. This helps in making an informed decision. You can thus confidently pick the most suitable program from the various photography courses in India.

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