4 Easy Ways Non-Coders Can Add Personality to a WordPress Theme


You got it, hooked up it, and watched all your content cloth magically reorganize itself within the pages and sidebars of your new website. Your content is served up with new fonts, colorings, and beautiful white vicinity. It appears first rate.

As a depend of reality, it seems similar to the example topic that stimulated you to choose it.precisely like it.

At this component, it would sunrise on you that your website now appears equal to hundreds of various web sites on hand. Oh certain, it’s suitable, but it’s no longer particular.

You could suppose you’re caught with the style you’ve decided on and destined to have a domain that’s equal to masses of others at the internet.

The best information is that there are 4 clean methods to feature character to your pinnacle magnificence situation matter net web page … and they don’t contain writing code or messing alongside your center concern documents.

Making those changes will deliver your internet page without a doubt the proper amount of seen fashion so that it stands proud and is remembered.

1. Supply custom fonts an strive

There’s now not something like a state-of-the-art font to provide your internet site an instant makeover. And in recent times you don’t even want to pay greater to get custom fonts served up on your internet website online.

First, the back story: until in recent times, we have been stuck the use of a dozen or so “net latest” fonts. All net web sites used those fonts, and we have become collectively bored with seeing them.

Approximately 5 years in the beyond, font-serving generation come to be possible. 1/3-birthday party web sites “serve up” custom fonts whilst asked out of your net website online. This suggests your website web page visitors see custom fonts after they visit your web page, even supposing they don’t have the ones fonts established on their machines.


So it’s easy to characteristic custom fonts to your internet site.

If you are the use of the Genesis Framework and don’t thoughts replica/pasting a few lines of code, You may use the technique outlined right here via using Brian Gardner: the manner to use Google web Fonts in conjunction with your Genesis-Powered internet website.

In case, you’d rather keep away from ever seeing a line of code, use the properly-regarded WP Google Fonts plugin to function custom fonts for your internet site.

2. Use compelling pix

Pinnacle price issues positioned the emphasis to your content. They use well-crafted white location, visible hierarchy, and layout patterns to polish a mild to your terms.

But that’s no longer all they’re correct for.

Those superbly designed problem topics moreover feature the great systems for thoughtfully selected photographs that add nuance and meaning to the words to your pages.

You can’t use truly any antique photographs although. If you really want to function character for your web page, you want to select pix strategically. Some tips:

Test with the use of conceptual images. Conceptual photos upload sunglasses of which means and create hobby without immediately representing the topic at hand. It’s the distinction among representing love with a photo of a coronary heart, or a photo of a pair strolling into the distance arm in arm.
Recollect to place photos to attention on your phrases. Many pictures “face” in a single route or another. If someone or an item is facing in a specific route, ensure it’s “looking” towards your reproduction, no longer off the brink of your net website. (for instance, be aware where David Ogilvy is directing his gaze in the day previous to this’s publish.) If the authentic picture route doesn’t art work, each turn it using photo enhancing software program or find a one-of-a-kind image.
Set up a photo style and use it continually. You could decide that you’d like each your pics to use a grunge effect, or to look washed out and antiqued. Observe filters to all your images to give them this “look” and use them on all your pages and posts.
Our brains manner pix faster than phrases and have more property available for interpreting them, so use pictures each time You may.

Take some time to learn more with the free 12 Days of visible Buzz direction I created with Kelly Kingman.

3. Take hold of interest with an accessory coloration

One of the extremely good traits of a nicely-designed premium subject matter is that all the colour alternatives are made for you. Subtle modifications in coloration and tone highlight various regions of your web page and draw your web page traffic through your statistics. It’s a beautiful problem.

But, what in case you want to prevent your website online visitor in her tracks?

In case, you want to capture interest and hold it, you must try an accent color.

Accessory hues art work first-rate in the event that they’re dramatically one of a kind from the most distinguished colorations on your internet site.

For instance, if your internet site on-line capabilities cool blues, pick a warmth orange or pink accessory color so it stands out. In case your website makes use of rusty orange, discover a vibrant blue accent shade to “pop” wherever you operate it.

Accessory colours need to be utilized in small doses.

Function them to your “submit” buttons, or create content material cloth box styles that use your accent colors when you want to make a unique statement. In case, you use a picture-primarily based header, your accessory colour can be featured there, too.

Brian Gardner entails the rescue all over again for all Genesis Framework customers with this post: Spruce Up Your Genesis-Powered internet website with content packing containers and colour Buttons.

In case, you’d as an alternative no longer replica/paste code, attempt the Standout color containers and Buttons plugin.

Having trouble figuring out what color to select on your accent? Take keep of the replay for my big brand system shade hospital and find out a way to choose colorings that artwork for your website.

4. Format your textual content so it’s clean to skim

As quickly as your theme, fonts, images, and accent color have made your internet site visitor save you and pay interest, they’re going to dive to your phrases.

Right here’s the way to preserve them engaged when they do:

Destroy your paragraphs up into digestible chunks. Don’t flip your website online traffic off because of the truth you’ve provided your facts in an unmarried unbroken wall of text. The pass again key is your friend! Begin a modern-day paragraph any time a thought takes a flip in any other case you want to characteristic emphasis.
Sprinkle subheads liberally. Earlier than your reader digs into your first paragraph, they’ll frequently look down your net web page to look what it’s about. Your subheads offer them clues About what’s ahead and help pique their interest for what they’re Approximately to examine. Use subheads at some point of your pages and posts to assist trap your reader to eat your terms.
Use bulleted lists. In case, you discover yourself writing a sentence that uses comma, after coma, after coma … the alarm bells should Begin ringing to your head. It’s a bulleted list, waiting to be born! Bulleted lists cut up your facts and make it smooth to have a look at. Use them to add persona and skim-ability on your writing.
Now, over to you

I want to pay interest from top fee situation owners: what have you ever done to the stunning form you established to characteristic more man or woman for your website online? What strategies do you used to make it memorable?

Proportion your tips inside the comments, and permit others look at from your revel in …

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