Best Android Widgets


If you are looking for the exceptional Android widgets out there, this text is just what you want. Right here, I’ve presented the maximum revolutionary ones of the entirety. The area of Linux has extended to the cell platform, with the launch of Android smartphones. It’s miles the nice cell OS to hit the marketplace these days. The first-rate factor approximately Android telephones are the large software packages that you could run on them. As of now, you could select from an extra than 100,000 programs, which have been made available in the Android marketplace. This includes several productiveness and entertainment applications, widgets, and games Attendant Design.

First-class Widgets on Android

The power of a mobile OS platform is tested using the sort of programs that can be run on it. No longer most effective are Android-primarily based telephones smoother in operation, in comparison to maximum different cellular running systems, they provide better multitasking functionality. Recognizing the needs of the modern-day consumer, several Android packages have been evolved. There are games, productiveness programs, and there are widgets, which make your life less complicated.


In case you are an ordinary Twitter consumer, what you need is the Twidroyd widget. It lets you put up your tweets on the pass and preserve the song of the Twitterati, whom you comply with.

Android schedule

If you need a widget that can keep music and remind you of your upcoming conferences and offer a reference calendar, what you need is the Android schedule widget.

battery life

One of the things which you need to consider whilst using your telephone is the battery lifestyle. The battery life widget keeps the music of the amount of rate that stays on your smartphone battery. It’s far very accessible.

Best Android Widgets 1


Data Counter

With 3G and 4G net connections to be had on Android smartphones, what one wishes is a widget that can maintain music of the quantity of information; this is downloaded or uploaded by way of the phone. This is precisely what ‘statistics Counter’ can do for you. You could preserve tune of your internet usage, the use of this utility.

Natural Grid Calendar

If you need a calendar reference, what you need is the pure grid calendar widget. Keep song of days, using this calendar utility.

Blizzard climate

In wintry weather, it enables if you may have the contemporary snowfall forecasts in your place. You could have them brought immediately in your Android telephone, the use of the blizzard weather widget.

HTC climate and Clock

If you want to recognize the climate updates, the quality one to choose is the HTC climate and clock widget.

Stock Android

Are you making an investment in the stock marketplace? Then you may need the inventory Android widget that can provide you with today’s statistics regarding inventory market tendencies.

Post It desk Widget

Do you keep forgetting stuff all the time, like me? Then the submit It desk widget is only for you. In the form of a stick observe photo, it remains at the display screen, with a listing of duties that you could upload on an everyday foundation. Installation this one and forget about approximately forgetting stuff.


If you would love to transform your Android phone into a web radio station, what you need is the Pandora widget. This one gives you with direct get right of entry to the Pandora net radio, which serves you with a song selected in keeping with your preferred genre. With this one, you can sign in and pay attention to your favored artists any time on the go. If you are a track lover, this widget is recommended installation.

So, those had been a number of the pleasant widgets that you truly must get hooked up to your phone. With their addition, you could definitely harness the energy that your phone provides at your disposal. As far as Android packages are worried, this is only the start. In the coming years, as the phone generation evolves and the Android platform improves, we can assume the applications to be even extra effective. Ensure that you test out some above Android apps and deploy them for your cellphone.

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