Tips for Tile and Grout Cleaning


A place where we live and perform all our day-to-day activities is obvious to get dirty. The area which gets dirty most frequently is the kitchen. Juice spills, muddy footprints are something that our kitchen has to face daily. Getting home dirty or messy is part of life and is totally fine. But not to forget, timely cleaning is required if you want to stay in a hygienic environment. Whether it is your office or house, both require cleaning. It is also said that a neat and tidy place can make you feel fresh and happy all the time.

Following are the tips that can help you in keeping tile and grout clean:


1. Keep floors dry –

The water spilled on the floor can attract dust which gets soaked into the floor. So whether it is a drop of water or an ice cube on the floor, clean it immediately. After cleaning, make sure to dry the floor so that it does not attract any dirt.

2. Place rugs and mats in areas which are used the most –

Rugs and mats can prevent the floor from getting worn. So, place carpets in high traffic areas. You can later change the carpet or get it washed when it gets dirty. Also, the mat can be placed in the kitchen in front of the sink to prevent the water splashes from getting soaked in the tile.

3. Have grout sealed –

Grout is porous and thus can easily absorb dirt. But a grout sealer of good quality can prevent the grout from absorbing any liquid or dust. It would help if you got grout released after every few years, especially in the areas that get wet more frequently. Also, get it checked if your grout requires sealing or not. Even you can check it by spilling water on it. If it absorbs the water, it means it’s time to get the sealing of grout done.

4. Vacuum regularly –

Don’t miss vacuuming daily. It can help you get rid of loose dust particles on the floor. Moreover, if you have pets at home, then their hair must be floating on the ground. Before dust and hair settle on the floor and in the grout, perform vacuuming.

5. Hire professional cleaning services –

What can be better than hiring professionals for cleaning services? Who other than them can understand the technique of cleaning tile and grout? They have all the essential tools to get out all the dirt you cannot do with a broom or a mop. They can make the floor sparkly clean again. They examine the floor and then treat it accordingly.

They follow a well-planned process to make sure that every corner of the home gets cleaned totally. So remember to follow these simple steps to live in a happier and clean environment. Regular cleaning of tile and grout also extend their life. If you are busy and don’t get time to clean your home, then hiring professionals for cleaning services is the best idea.

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