Like many young adults looking to explicit themselves, Ashlee Martinson turned into sharing her private thoughts on-line as a blogger. But in place of the standard schoolgirl fixations of or boys, Ashlee was more interested in serial killers and vampires.The Know It Guy

The 16-12 months-old became passionate about horror and, below her pseudonym Vampchick, wrote darkish testimonies and poems about loss of life for her blog, Nightmare. Her words were fearless But, in the back of them, Ashlee believed she become residing in her very personal horror tale at domestic. She had an abusive stepfather and a mum who failed to observe.

Days after writing a poem that covered the road, “The sweet horrors of blood that I thirst for…” Ashlee turned into inspired to take her brutal revenge.

In 2015, Ashlee became dwelling together with her three younger stepsisters, aged 9, eight and , her mum Jennifer, forty, and stepfather Thomas Ayers, in Piehl, Wisconsin. Jennifer had married Thomas some years earlier and Ashlee hated her new father figure.

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Fb Jennifer and Thomas Ayers
Mum Jennifer has married abusive Thomas some years earlier
She’d fallen prey to her mum’s bad boyfriend picks in the past. She’d been sexually abused at 9, and burnt with cigarettes – she turned into even estranged from her personal father because of violence.

Thomas, 37, changed into no higher. Ashlee claimed he’d killed animals in front of her to scare her. And he’d make her make-up at 4am to do chores and take all the money she earned from her component-time activity. Mum Jennifer and the younger siblings had taken the brunt of Thomas’ anger too.


Horror enthusiast

He had beyond convictions for home battery and assault. Ashlee wanted to defend her mum, However she became falling aside understanding her mum wasn’t protecting her against the abuse.

Ashlee’s outlet for her troubles became running a blog and she or he become a self-confessed horror enthusiast. Her weblog promised to ‘bring lifestyles to the lifeless and your nightmares’.

On March 6, Ashlee turned 17, However she didn’t feel like celebrating. She became dating neighborhood lad Ryan Sisco, 22, and confided in him about the troubles at domestic. She’d been woken makeup by way of but another violent argument between her mum and Thomas.

“He’s gonna kill her if she doesn’t go away quickly and i don’t need to be around,” she wrote in a text message. Ashlee stated she wanted to kill him. “Simply take one of his guns,’ she wrote, ‘and blow his f***ing brains out.”

The following day, there was more tension at domestic when Ashlee’s mum and stepdad disapproved of Ashlee seeing Ryan. They banned her from talking to him and took away her phone – it changed into the very last straw for the stricken Teenager.