Questions to Ask Before Hiring Commercial Cleaning Company  


Want to hire an industrial cleaning company for your commercial property? Don’t know how to choose a reliable cleaning service? If your answer to these questions is yes, then this post is for you. Through this article, I will help you in knowing how to select the best commercial cleaning company.

It is extremely crucial to keep the workplace clean. It is because a clean workplace will be safer and will increase the productivity of the staff. Moreover, your employees will love working at a place that is kept clean. However, efficient cleaning of the commercial area is not possible without the help of professionals. Therefore, it is good to hire experts who have all the required tools, equipment, and cleaning agents.

Now, the question is how to know who is trustworthy and who is not? For that, I prefer asking the commercial cleaner the following questions before hiring. These questions will really prove to help select the right professional.

Question #1. How long have you been in the business?

The first and the most important question that you should ask before hiring any commercial cleaner is about the number of years in the business. It is because this question will help you in knowing about the experience of the company. More the number of years more will be the experience and hence reliable services you will get. An experienced cleaner has cleaned commercial places throughout his life and understands how to clean the property effectively.

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Question #2. Do you have a license?

Though the presence of a license does not describe the quality of service, you will get, but hiring a licensed professional indicates that the cleaner has gone through the pain of acquiring the license and understands the cleaning process well. Moreover, he is allowed by the higher authorities only because he has gone through training to clean the commercial spaces. Thus, you can easily rely on a licensed professional for the job.

Question #3. Are you insured?

Insurance provides coverage against odds and mishaps that can occur at your property during the cleaning process. It means you will not be held liable for anything and thus will be prevented from any headache. So, make sure to hire only that commercial cleaner who is insured.

Question #4. Can I talk to your past clients?

Always expect a yes in return. By talking to the previous customers, you can learn about their experience with the cleaner and decide whether the professional is worth hiring or not. If the cleaner denies providing the reference list, then surely there is something wrong, or he is not confident about his services. So, in that case, I prefer looking for some other professional.

Question #5. How much do you charge for cleaning services?

Learning about the fees of different commercial cleaning companies, you will get to know who fits in your budget and who does not. It is highly recommended not to go for too low prices as the quality of services may get compromised.

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