The Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer


Nothing can compete with desktop vapes if you’re searching for the ultimate vaporizer experience. With a Volcano or a Flowerpot, vaporizing is taken to the next level and can be enjoyed to the fullest. Sadly, either of these models and others similar can cost upwards of 400$, and often even more than that if you want a few extra accessories or something. So, you can always settle for the best portable dry herb vaporizer instead. There are a few contestants for this title because many companies in the past couple of years have designed and delivered unique products that have skyrocketed the capabilities of portable vaping. Between the two models mentioned in this article, it’s just a matter of preference and budget because they deserve consideration as the best mobile dry herb vaporizers money can buy.


DaVinci IQ

DaVinci always delivers high-quality products that would make their namesake proud. The IQ surprisingly uses conduction heating, so it has pretty solid clouds. On top of that, the flavor is preserved with a zircon heating chamber and vapor path, so you can be sure that flavor is still a very relevant factor despite the conduction heating. It has an exquisite and simple look but is smooth and discreet. No other portable dry herb vaporizer could slide into someone’s pockets so easily and naturally.

Firefly 2

This vaporizer runs on convection heating instead but features many technological features that DaVinci utilizes. Touch sensors activate the vape automatically, and precise temperature controls can be accessed through a Bluetooth-connected smartphone application. How incredibly fast it heats up makes this stand out as one of the best portable dry herb vaporizers. It can turn on at the touch of a finger and be done heating up for you within five to seven seconds, maybe ten at the highest temperature settings. For a convection-heated vape, this is insane. There are way more options at all different price ranges, so don’t be discouraged if these two are too far out of your budget. Ask for help on forums or Reddit to find which sort of vaporizer best suits you.

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