8 Family-Friendly Attractions in Palm Springs


When your kids begin having the interest to travel, a vacation with the family will surely bring many good memories. Palm Springs in California is one of the best family-friendly destinations where you can spend a whole week enjoy plenty of activities. Choose a decent place for accommodation and stay in Palm Spring rental homes where you can feel at home while away from home. Here are 8 recommended attractions to consider.

Palm Springs

1. Splashtopia

If your children love swimming or playing in the water, Splashtopia is a safe bet. This resort encompasses a two-acre water park with three pools, two 100-foot slides, a 450-foot lazy river, and water play zones with fountains and sprinklers. It is the perfect place to spend trying a cliff-side Jacuzzi while experiencing and a sandy beach.

2. Mount San Jacinto

Situated more than 10,000 feet above the desert floor, Mount San Jacinto is where you can check out the world’s largest rotating aerial tram car. There’s no other place that features the scenic Aerial Tramway, so it’s quite a wonderful sight to capture with both your eyes and camera. At the top, it will be a unique experience to be 8,500 feet from the ground. There’s an observation deck, historical displays, and some restaurants, too. Visiting Mount San Jacinto is also a great outbound educational trip for your kids to appreciate a view over the desert. When coming on hot days, the cool air at the top can be a refreshing treat!

3. Palm Springs Air Museum

Palm Springs Air Museum is a museum in California that houses the biggest and grandest collections of working Second World War aircraft. It is rated as one of the top 14 Air Museums in the World by CNN Travel. The entire family will definitely be interested in exploring the small area and be finished in about one to two hours. The amazing collections are mostly displayed in hangars, and it’s cool that you can touch the aircraft and a few pieces once you enter. You will also find a wide range of fighters, bombers, and helicopters that served in Vietnam. There’s also a library on one of the floors. Overall, this museum is truly a historical and educational marvel, especially for fans and enthusiasts of planes!

4. Palm Springs Art Museum

Developed in the 1930s, the Palm Springs Art Museum is a great attraction to consider for art lovers. It has a vast collection of compelling art pieces and exhibitions, including works of the famous Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Henry Moore, Marc Chagall, Ansel Adams, and many more. Located in downtown Palm Springs, this multifaceted museum focuses on modern and contemporary art and Native American art. It’s interesting to note that local collectors mostly left the pieces here to allow viewers to appreciate eclectic belongings in riveting displays.

5. Coachella Valley Preserve

Kids to teens who love animals will most likely have a great moment at the Coachella Valley Preserve. This place is home to various wildlife, including great horned owls, lynx, hares, kestrels, lizards, snakes, and all kinds of small birds. Don’t worry; you won’t get lost in this compound as there are plenty of volunteers who can take your family on guided hikes. It’s a good opportunity to explore fantastic views, have a picnic, hang out in cool oases, or walk into the past in their rustic and picturesque visitors’ center.

6. Moorten Botanical Gardens

Open all year round, Moorten Botanical Gardens has you covered when you plan to see an incredible display of cacti and desert plants. These plants range from full-grown trees to plants just taking root. They also offer cactus for sale, so you can take your chance to grow your own back at home. There are pretty neat places to take photos. Guided tours that are very informative are available depending on the season and are offered free with admission. Make sure to call ahead to inquire about making the most out of your visit.

7. VillageFest

Here is where you can find lots of interesting arts and crafts, have a massage, sample delicious comfort food, and bring home some artwork. It is most recommended to visit during Thursday evenings when VillageFest even comes more to life with over a hundred street vendors. Music performers can also sing and play music and offer entertainment to spruce up the ambiance. All these create such an unforgettably great vibe for both locals and tourists alike.

8. Indian Canyons

If your kids have grown up to be more of the adventurous type, the Indian Canyons must be right up their alley. This area is very popular with hikers since you get to hike long trails and appreciate beautiful desert scenery at the same time. The Indian Canyons boasts stunning creek and waterfalls, and large palm trees. Go for a hike if you’re up to it! For weary travelers, a picnic or a short walk in the desert surroundings can be just fine. Regardless of the season, this place is awesome.


There are several attractions in Palm Springs, California, for the family. It’s an ideal sunny vacation destination where tourists can shop, dine, sightsee, and let their adventurous side lead the way. Whether you want a relaxing stay or experience some outdoor fun, this is a great place to treat your kids to an exciting trip.

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