Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Cancer and Oncologists


Kolkata is a city that is approximately 80 kilometers west of the border of the country of Bangladesh. Kolkata is located on the Hooghly River’s eastern bank and is the third-largest urban economy of India, with a total land area of approximately 1886.67 square kilometers. Also, it is known as the “cultural capital” of India because of its history.

Kolkata is the third-most populous metropolitan area in India, with more than 14 million inhabitants. Among the population, there has been a steady increase in the number of new cancer cases, which is quite alarming. Fortunately, the best oncologist in Kolkata provides a solution to this growing problem. Despite the grave effects of cancer, people are still unaware of this health condition, its implications, and treatments. This article will talk about cancer and oncologists and answer the frequently asked questions about them.


What is Cancer?

According to the Mayo Clinic, cancer refers to many diseases characterized by an overwhelming production of abnormal cells inside the body. These abnormal cells destroy normal body tissue by infiltrating them. This gives cancer cells the ability to spread throughout the body. According to reports, cancer is the second-leading cause of death among humans. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one in ten Indians develop cancer in their lifetime, and one out of fifteen Indians will die because of cancer. This means more than 1 million people in Kolkata are at risk of developing cancer and dying from it.

What are the Causes of Cancer?

Cancer is mostly caused by mutations or changes to the DNA of normal body cells. Thus, occurrences or factors that increase the chances of mutations increase the risk of a particular individual developing cancer. Some of these factors include the following:

Harmful Radiation

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is a form of electromagnetic radiation, which comes from the sun and other human-made sources, such as welding torches and tanning beds. UV rays can directly damage the skin, which can cause immediate physical signs and symptoms, such as sunburn.

However, recent research has shown that UV rays can cause most skin cancers. Because of the geographical location of Kolkata, which is relatively near the equator, Kolkata is subjected to a tropical and dry climate most of the time. Unfortunately, the immense heat coupled with harmful UV rays brought about by the sun greatly predisposes the cancer population. Because of this, it would be paramount that you see the best oncologist in Kolkata to do some screening tests.

Environmental Factors

An individual who is frequently exposed to a polluted environment containing harmful chemicals and hazardous substances increases the risk of the said individual developing cancer. Kolkata is a highly urbanized area, and although generally urban development is good, it comes with health risks and consequences. Hazardous particles in the air and harmful chemicals found in the workplace are greatly associated with increased cancer risk. According to reports, Kolkata has the highest number of cigarette smokers in the country, with 49% of the sample population inhaling harmful smoke. This is alarming because smoking is greatly predisposing an individual to cancer.

What is an Oncologist?

An oncologist is a medical doctor who specializes in treating and diagnosing individuals who have cancer. Oncologists act as a primary healthcare provider, which coordinates and manages the treatment of people with cancer. There are three major fields in which oncologists specialize, which include the following:

Medical Oncology.

 Oncologists that belong in this field manage and treat cancer using nonsurgical treatment modalities, such as chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and targeted therapy, to name a few.

Surgical Oncology.

Oncologists are also surgeons who specialize in this field and focus on diagnosing, treating, and managing cancer using surgical procedures. Surgical oncologists diagnose cancer by performing operations, such as biopsies, to take abnormal tissue samples.

Radiation Oncology.

 Oncologists that are a part of this field specialize in treating cancer using external and internal radiation therapy. It is done using high-energy photon beams to kill abnormal cancer cells and shrink the tumors they produced. Frequently, radiation therapy is used in combination with other cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy and surgery.

What Health Conditions do Oncologists Treat?

Oncologists treat different health conditions using specialized forms of treatment, which are mentioned above. The oncologists’ approach in treating health conditions is by performing interventions on organ-specific cancers, which include bone cancer, liver cancer, cervical cancer, and skin cancer, to name a few.


Cancer rates could increase in the coming years, which could greatly affect Kolkata’s inhabitants, especially those that belong to low and middle-income groups. One way to prevent cancer development is by having a healthy lifestyle and getting regular check-ups from oncologists.

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