Property Taxes in Tenerife


When shopping for or promoting assets in Tenerife, there are several taxes that you may need to recall. Whilst you buy a asset in Tenerife, you’ll want to allow for circa 10% of the acquisition charge to cowl purchase fees, taxes, Notary expenses, and registration.


While you purchase a resale asset in Tenerife, a 6.5% belongings transfer tax is levied, whereas on new trends purchased directly from the builder, 5% I.G.I. C Tax is payable.

While you sell a belonging in Tenerife, you may be difficulty with 2 taxes.

Plus Valia Tax:

Plus, Valia is a tax primarily based upon the increase in land value of a asset among the remaining sale and the current sale. The land values are recorded inside the nearby town corridor and are up to date every 2-three years. Plus, Valia Tax is rightly paid via the seller. Usually much less than one thousand Euros; however may be significantly extra if the property has been owned for greater than ten years.

Capital gains Tax:

Anyone who buys a property from a person or agency that doesn’t have its house in Spain needs to withhold three% of the acquisition rate. This sum must be paid to the tax government by using Non-residents due to any liability of the dealers for Capital gains tax. But, in positive situations, this does not apply. Capital gains tax is payable by way of the seller whenever they profit from the sale of a property, besides on the following occasions.

When you sell Tenerife assets that you have owned for greater than 10 years, and it’s miles your number one residence, you do now not must pay capital profits tax. There might be no 3% retention if you are a resident, but the sale will seem in your annual tax announcement.

Property Taxes

The sale proceeds are used to purchase a brand new domestic; they ought to be reinvested in every other property within two years of the sale. To qualify for this exemption, the assets you’re promoting have to be your everlasting domestic, which means you have to be a resident in Tenerife for tax functions.

Neighborhood Annual Taxes:

Even as you’re the owner of belonging in Tenerife, you may be susceptible to neighborhood quotes, or I.B.I. as it is acknowledged, on an annual basis. Urban taxes or I.B.I. need to be paid by using the owner of a property as soon as 12 months between the 1st of can also and the 15th July (dates may additionally vary among Councils). The proprietor is responsible, although he does now not get hold of a rate demand; it’s miles the proprietor’s responsibility to find out the exact quantity of the tax and to pay it between the dates said above. Failure to achieve this should make you responsible for a 20% penalty.

To keep away from this penalty, it might be smart to set up an instantaneous debit. This indicates filling out a shape, authorizing that the needs for the tax are made directly for your financial institution so that you will never be in arrears. The quantity of IBI tax you’ll pay will vary from council to council, and it far depends on the scale of the assets. You will probably pay less than €250 in step with annum for a one-bedroom condominium in a visitor place.

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