How to Hire a Reliable Paving Contractor


If you want to improve the appearance and convenience of your home or commercial area, it makes sense to start a paving project. Paving is essential for residential as well as commercial places. And when it comes to paving, asphalt pavements are the first choice of business owners and homeowners. Asphalt is not only durable but also affordable material for paving your driveways or parking lot. However, asphalt paving projects require careful planning and appropriate preparation. To ensure the durability and stability of asphalt pavement, it must be properly installed by an expert.

Paving Contractor

Asphalt installation takes place in a series of steps, and each step impacts the outcome of the subsequent step. Only a skilled asphalt installer can pull off the right mat temperature and produce desired results. An experienced paving contractor considers several factors that affect the price and outcome of an asphalt paving project. The success of your asphalt pavement installation depends on the contractor you hire. However, there are several paving companies, and picking the best one may seem a daunting task.

As such, you need to wisely search for a reliable paving contractor because not all contractors offer the same quality of work. Inferior quality paving can result in multiple problems that can be avoided by hiring an experienced paving company. You should hire a contractor specializing in paving and have the experience and knowledge to successfully pave a new or old surface. To help you find the right paver, here are some tips for choosing the right commercial paving contractor.

Accreditation & Licensing

The established paving companies have industry certification and are a member of the association. The company you hire should have a business license and insurance. These certifications ensure that the contractor specializes in paving projects and abide by the local legal guideline. If the paving contractor has an insurance policy, it will protect you if an accident happens on your property. So, check that the company carries General Liability, Auto Liability, and Workers Compensation insurance. A comprehensive insurance policy will protect the company’s entire crew, equipment, and all vehicles.

Material, Equipment, and Crew

Asphalt is available in many grades, and low-quality asphalt negatively impacts the look and durability of your asphalt pavement. Before hiring a contractor, check that only higher grade asphalt with less recycled material is used by the professional. The established paving companies also invest in the best and latest paving equipment.

The final appearance of the pavement depends on the efficiency of machines and the quality of the material. This means that the contractor you hire should use proper tools and equipment for laying the pavement. In addition to this, the company should also employ a team of workers capable of efficiently handling the work. Depending on the size of your project, the company should send a sufficient crew to install the best possible driveway.

Inspection & Estimate

A reliable paving company will always visit your site and offer a free quote for the project. You should obtain a project estimate from at least 3 contractors to know the expected cost. At the time of comparing the quotes, consider the quality of the material and project timeline.

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