Top 5 Android Anti-theft Apps


Cell theft has been a major cause of issue for quite some time now. Anti-theft apps are a great method to this threat and include some superior capabilities to music your stolen telephones down.

Top 5 Android Anti-theft Apps

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CTIA – The wi-fi association―the representative body of the worldwide wi-fi telecommunications industry―has compiled a unified database containing details of all stolen telephones in America. Phones registered with this community are blacklisted and cannot be reactivated anywhere inside the world. In recent times, telephones are to be had in every size and shape to suit all sundry needs. Additionally, they vary in price, with some to be had at a throwaway rate, at the same time as others value pinnacle greenback. No matter the fee factor, one thing is certain, our smartphones are not just another gadget. They have got, in fact, end up essential a part of our lives in many approaches. They comprise our private records, fond memories, important facts and are very much our source of leisure.

Needless to say, then, smartphones are similarly prone to be stolen just like your other personal property and are, in truth, loads extra treasured to most people than their different possessions. Worry not, though; a handy anti-robbery app may want to save the day very well and strike worry inside the hearts of all miscreants lurking the streets. Here is a examination of the very pleasant of these protection apps for Android―the maximum popular cellphone platform.

You mighAlthough, youeed to preserve in mind, althouose apps may not kung fu a thief into submission and hold them away for correct. Rather they’re extraordinarily beneficial to song your stolen telephone returned and/or make sure your private facts would not fall into wrong palms Univers Inform.

AVG Antivirus for Android

AVG has been dependent on a name within the antivirus arena for pretty a while now. Apart from safety from viruses and spam, the seasoned model of this app also has a very beneficial anti-theft characteristic on board. The app helps you to remotely get admission to your stolen device from its website and wipe out all your personal data from it. You could even track the area of your GPS-enabled telephone using the organization’s monitoring internet site. Other than this.

You can additionally send positive preset text messages from every other phone and trigger an alarm, delete the information, or receive an SMS about the modified SIM details, depending on the message sent. It additionally features a totally beneficial camera entice alternative, which takes an image of the person conserving the cellphone whilst the incorrect password is entered 3 instances to release the tool. This photograph is then stealthily sent throughout to the e-mail deal registered with the app.



Kaspersky net security for Android

Another multipurpose app to safeguard your tool from all possible threats is the Kaspersky internet security for Android. This app has a compelling anti-robbery feature to go along with its antivirus features. The app has a Mugshot function which, if enabled, stealthily takes a photo of the man or woman using your tool and saves it onto its server. This photograph can then be retrieved by logging in to your Kaspersky account. With this internet portal, you could also remotely lock, sound the alarm, hide or wipe off the facts, and understand the SIM information of the brand new card established in your telephone.

Avast! Anti-theft

This might be one of the most characteristic-rich anti-robbery apps to be had in the market these days. Apart from monitoring the stolen phone place, it also lets customers remotely erase data, set off an alarm at the smartphone, and lock the device. The app can also perform in Stealth mode, wherein it isn’t always displayed within the app list, and as a result, cannot be disabled or uninstalled with the aid of every person else. You could also set a fringe for the telephone, which once crossed, triggers the phone to stealthily send an SMS notification to a preset wide variety about its area and the SIM installed. You may want to recollect that the maximum of the advanced functions noted right here, like putting a digital perimeter (Geofencing) and taking a photo of the could-be thief, are most effective on the paid model of the app.


In contrast to most different apps in our listing, Lookout is a devoted anti-robbery app with anti-virus functions. The app has some easy but powerful capabilities like finding and Scream (maps the vicinity of the stolen device and activates an alarm on it), sign Flare (mechanically saves the region of your cellphone when its battery is low), and Lock Cam (sends across a mail to a registered electronic mail deal with the place and picture of all of us who receives the telephone’s password incorrect 5 instances). You furthermore mght have the option to remotely lock your tool and delete all non-public information from it.

TrustGo cellular safety

A lite and powerful app, TrustGo mobile security goes about its commercial enterprise of shielding your phone without creating a big deal of it. This scouse borrow is also used to song your lost/stolen cellphone remotely by logging on to the TrustGo website. From right here, you can discover the location of your tool, lock it, wipe out all records, or trigger your phone to sound an alarm to assist locate it.

Today’s update of the app also brings inside the Candid camera function, which sends throughout a photo and region of absolutely everyone who attempts to liberate the smartphone after it’s been remotely locked. Armed with this kind of first-rate apps, you can stroll down the road without having to fear cell theft, safe in the knowledge that the horrific men don’t stand a threat towards your trusty vigilante. Cheers.

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