Locating Prepaid Electricity Options


There are quite a few options out there for those looking for pre-paid electricity options in their area. Pre-paying for electricity can help you understand how much you will spend per month (on average) and create a budget that fits your needs.

Try Pogo Energy:

Pogo Energy is one of many great pre-paid options for prepaid electricity for those looking to create a budget that doesn’t change much from month to month. Prepaid electricity options allow people to choose how much they want to spend and what level of pre-commitment they are comfortable with. Pogo Energy provides all of its customers with options for commitments that are as minimal (or as big) as the person wishes to make.

Pogo Energy is Customer Friendly:

Even better than just allowing you to pre-pay for your electricity, you can also cancel at any time. Whether you wish to continue to use Pogo or decide that it’s not for you, there are no hard feelings, and you can go on your own way as it is convenient for you to do so. Pogo Energy works hard to be the best energy company out there and thinks that the results will speak for themselves. They don’t need any more ploys or marketing schemes to make their business work. All they need is their hard work, effort, and dedication to their customers, and that sells itself.


If Pogo Energy Doesn’t Sound Like Your Thing, Consider Other Options:

Pogo Energy is far from the only prepaid energy plan you have to choose from when looking for a pre-paid electricity option. Some states like Texas and Maryland may have more options than others due to their de-regulation laws. Many people are loving the concept of having more control over their electric bills than they had before. These plans continue to gain momentum and are sure to do so in the future, especially as more people desire to budget money each month and keep themselves on track.

Customers Report Results:

If you need more convincing that prepaid electricity will help you spend your electricity more wisely, the average customer who switches to prepaid electric states that they save an average of about 27% on their electric bills each month once they make the switch. That means that you are helping the environment by consuming less energy and saving money at the same time, which is a win-win for everyone.

Many plans that you enroll in will guarantee you that rate for 12 months, but you also have to commit to the 12 month period to guarantee those rates for the entire year. If you are willing to commit to a year-long plan, it can help you save money when rates rise, and yours does not!

Smart meters can be installed in your home to help you determine how much energy you use. If you are using too much or not enough to fit your plan, you can adjust your smart meter to ensure that you don’t use too much energy. It helps you save money and keeps your energy use in check. In these cases, both the environment and your pocketbook can and will thank you for regulating your use and being a responsible citizen when it comes to your energy use daily.


If you know this is something you want to do, then other plans that lock in rates for typical 12-month cycles may work for you as well!

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