Travel Tips for Introverts


Do you feel like all travel blogs and travel-related sites are only ideal for extroverts, the kind of individuals who seem to travel all the time, meet random people, throw parties with strangers, and they don’t even have to hide from humanity feel like themselves again? You are right, and unfortunately, it appears that a large of the population constitutes extroverts. But that doesn’t mean that introverts don’t or shouldn’t travel. Once in a while, the travel bug flares up, and we’d like to equip you with ideas on traveling as an introvert, especially when traveling solo.

On and off switch

As an ICBC injury lawyer in Surrey, BC, you may be this introvert who, like most other introverts, has episodes of high energy bursts and rapidly low energy levels. To have a fun trip, you should consider planning a trip that involves human interactions and moments where you have to be alone. A perfect example of an activity that suits most introverts is skiing – you can talk to strangers all the way to the top, but once you are there, you will not have to talk.

Choose a trip that suits you.

No rule book says what introverts can and can’t do. Every introvert has their unique set of preferences. A holiday in a cabin deep from human civilization will only work for a few and busy sandy beaches for others. If you plan your vacation, keep in mind your best form of fun and relaxation, even when vacationing with your friends and family. There are inclusive trips that easily cater to the need of everyone when traveling in a group. As an introvert, you should always remember your need for your personal space, and if you can travel along, you should go for it.


Accommodation plans

Accommodation is the most important but also the most expensive part of your travel plans. For these reasons, there are hostels and couch surfing, the biggest forms of accommodation for travelers. But, is couch surfing or living in a hostel ideal for introverts? Unfortunately, no! Although they are cheap, they are uncomfortable, and you won’t have your space sleeping on a couch. If you must use couch surfing, you should ensure that you are getting an extra bedroom and not the couch – this is impossible in places like New York.

Your other alternative would be staying with a friend. If you are comfortable with them, staying with a friend will be less stressful than sharing space with strangers. You can also try Airbnb when you are on a budget because hosts will rent out an entire room. If you can find an entire apartment to stay at, you are assured of the time of your life because you can eat in. Also, you should ensure that you find accommodation at a central place close to restaurants, grocery stores, and markets for accessibility. Finally, you have all-inclusive, which offer minimum energy-draining interactions, as well as private rooms.


You can have the time of your life traveling as an introvert if you choose the vacation spot, activities, and the most important, choosing the right travel companions.

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