Three apps to nudge your dad towards


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Men and fathers,in particular, tend to be overlooked when it comes to inclusivity in the app world. If you’re looking to get him a unique gift instead of the traditional mug, executive pen,and golf balls, consider getting him something that he’ll use almost every day and that intrinsically add value to his life. Applications and mainly those paid are a unique way to show that you care about his daily life and wellbeing.


Our fathers can have the best business ideas that they formulate off the cuff, but for the average dad, those ideas fade away as the day does. Inspiration could be as good as creating a mechanism that helps people deal more comfortable with a car accident personal injury lawyer or solving a leaking water pipe. If you think your dad is a creative genius that needs motivation, get him Elevatr. This app will help him create and actualize his grand plans. How? The app has a user friendly way to help a person come up with traditional business plans in a format that’s almost perfect for pitching to angel investors and venture capitalist alike. When dealing with ideas, it stores them in one place and allows for input, feedback and note creation. It also includes multimedia for visuals. Once he’s done, he’ll thank you for helping him bring his ideas to life.


For sports fan fathers, this may be his saving grace. He and his friends will be happy to find out that they no longer have to fight family members for the remote when it’s game night. FanFinder is a sports app with a GPS that helps fan locate their fellow game lovers within the locality. It also has locations to a few thousand bars and where significant sports teams tend to gather. This app will also provide your father with the fastest way to get to his a sports bar with fans just like him waiting. It’s a perfect way interact, new people, make friends and has an enjoyable game night, leaving his beloved family on the couch at home.

Withings Health Mate

Health apps are great companions when we want to get into shape,andWithings Health Mate is no different. It is ideal for men who wish to shed a few extra pounds they’ve gained and held on to over the years, monitor aspects such as blood pressure among other functions that contribute to optimum health. The Smart Scale or Smart BP Monitor would allow him to enter the data manually for monitoring. Withings offers the practical functionality where your dad can share data with the doctor or family for support and accountability. The graphics are a bonus; they are engaging and well worth it for a health companion.