Benefits of Cutting Glass with Waterjet Technology


Cutting and piercing a glass is not at all a problem when done with waterjet technology. Whether it is piercing a hole in the glass or cutting intricate stained glass, waterjet has made it easy for users to give any shape to the glass. This technology has gained advancement over the last decade and is now a standard glass processor. Because of the numerous benefits attached to waterjet cutting, it is also considered an affordable technology. This process provides a high-quality cut edge, because of which the second finishing is not at all needed. The waterjet machines are fast, precise, flexible, and offer benefits more than any other technique.

What exactly is waterjet cutting?

A metal fabrication technique includes a fine garnet abrasive, a carbide nozzle, and a water stream at high pressure is waterjet cutting. Waterjet, when mixed with abrasive particles, fastens the process of cutting. It can be said that waterjet is an extreme version of erosion.

Advantages of Waterjet Cutting –

1. Waterjet cutting does not require heat for the process –

This method cuts the materials without heat; it is considered the best solution for cutting heat-sensitive metals. No thermal stressing is used, which reduces the risk of fatigue failure. Also, it saves the cost of the thermal distortion of machine parts. Thermal processes can lead to warping, surface hardening, and emission of hazardous gases, but waterjet cutting eliminates such undesired results.

2. Can cut complex shapes efficiently –

Projects in which the user has to cut intricate shapes, waterjet have proved to be very advantageous. You can cut any material in any shape with complex edges and shapes by using waterjet. Whether it is a highly complex bevel, different shapes with minimum radii, pierce holes, or sharp corners, everything is possible if waterjet technology is used.Waterjet Technology

3. Waterjets are environment-friendly –

Waterjets reduce waste disposal costs to a great extent because they produce little or no hazardous waste. Isn’t it amazing? Also, waterjets use less water than you think they do. It is so because that water can be recycled using a closed-looped system.

Why use waterjet for cutting the glass?

Following are the reasons that explain why the waterjet cutting technique is significant in the glass industry –

  1. It is fast as compared to traditional glass cutting techniques.
  2. It gives an exceptionally high-quality edge. Little or no additional treatment is required depending on the sharpness of the edge.
  3. Precise internal cut-outs in glass are not possible with any other machinery.
  4. Waterjet operators offer flexibility which no other process can give.
  5. It is effective with laminated glass.

So, if you are looking for a precisely cut glass with high finishing, then buy from the glass manufacturer who uses waterjet technology to cut and pierce the glass.

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